Nicole Payne

Jobs fill your pockets but adventures fill your soul
Meredith Carrell, The Joy of Travel

Hi, my name is Nicole & travel is my passion!  Ever since I was a child my Mom would say my middle name was GO!  It didn’t matter where I was going as long as I was in the car.  My first trip out of the country was Cancun, Mexico in 1999, where I fell in love with the sand & blue water!  Maybe that is why no matter where I visit, the beautiful waters of the Caribbean have my heart, because Mexico was my first travel love. 

For years now I have spent most of my free time planning the next adventure.  It did not matter if it was a family, couples or girlfriend trip, I was planning.   Beaches are not the only places I have visited, my family & I have visited Alaska, Canada, Mexico and many of our beautiful national parks located from California to Maine.  Cruises have also played a major part in my vacation experiences, having completed 7 cruises in the Caribbean & Alaska. 

I started following Joy on Facebook & gave her a call when she had advertised a great price on a trip to Ireland.  After a lengthy conversation with her, I was not booked to go to Ireland but on a Viking River cruise down the Rhine River visiting the Netherlands, Germany, France & Switzerland!  In all the planning of this Viking river cruise, I started having thoughts of turning my passion into a career where I can help others follow their vacation dreams.  It seemed like a natural fit!  What better way to feed my travel addiction & maybe save my poor husband from travel burn-out than to assist others in planning their next big adventure.   After a few more lengthy conversations with Joy, I found myself becoming a Viking River Cruise Specialist before leaving for my trip. And what a trip it was!!! 

The Caribbean better lookout, I may have a new love!  Since returning from Europe, I have been continuing my travel education so that I can better serve my clients.  I am so thankful to Joy at the Joy of Travel for giving me this opportunity to pursue a career doing something I am truly passionate about & I look forward to helping YOU plan & book your next adventure!!


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