Lori Curtis

Lori Curtis Travel Agent, The Joy of Travel

Master Agent and Advisory Board Member

Lori Curtis began with me when I opened the agency back in 2005 as a fantastic customer and friend.   I can’t tell you how delighted I was when she decided to join me as an agent in 2014.    

If you look up “beach person” in the dictionary I promise you you’re going to see a picture of Lori Curtis.  The women lives and breathes for the ocean…and the sand…and the sun! 

Lori has more degrees than I can count-Bachelors in Elementary Ed/Early Childhood, another in Recreational/Physical Education, and two Masters Degrees as well, one in Library Science and the other in Elementary School Administration.  I know, she’s a genius.   

To say Lori is passionate about travel is a huge understatement.  She absolutely lives to plan trips for her friends and family.    

Lori has been all over anywhere that has a beach:  Cancun, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, Cabo, Oahu, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and all over Florida as well.   

To top that off she’s begun hosting ladies trips across the USA that have included NYC, New Orleans, San Francisco-I told you she’s passionate about travel. 

Here’s a message from Lori that tells you everything you need to know: 

Lori Curtis, The Joy of Travel

“I am so thankful to Joy at the Joy of Travel for giving me this opportunity to do something I truly love and would be happy to help you plan and book your next vacation.  I had someone tell me once that a vacation is a memory that you will never forget. For example, in 2008 my children do not remember what toy they got for Christmas or for their birthday, but they do remember our family vacation to Mexico, and still talk about it today.  As my children have gotten older and we have traveled and taken many family vacations, it’s fun to sit around and “remember” all the good times we had while traveling. I would love to help you and your families make memories you would treasure forever.” 

Lori is certified in more destinations than I have room to list, including a Master Agent with AMResorts, a Hawaii Specialist, Jamaica Specialist, and of course a Mexico Specialist.  Lori is also a proud member of The Joy of Travel River Cruise Specialist Team.

Lori is hosting a tour of Italy over Spring Break 2019-see the "Travel with Us" tab for more details.


Call me at 918-617-1034