Why Travel With a Group

Groups offer solutions

Families, clubs, associations, corporations, religious organizations and wedding parties; I imagine in at least one area of your life you’re part of a group.


Groups frequently ask us to plan “together time” for them and I thought you might benefit from knowing what group travel offers and doesn’t offer.

To begin with, group travel solves the organizational problems. Group travel includes what the group wants to experience, and eliminates experiences that are unnecessary or unwanted.  

Group travel reduces stress and risk because the planning, collection of funds, paying of providers etc. is being handled by the group manager (aka The Joy of Travel LLC).  There are countless moving pieces when it comes to planning a group trip and novices make mistakes that often cost the group members’ money, experiences and extreme stress.

Groups are safer.  A pick pocket might go after a lone traveler on the street in Rome, believe me they think twice before going after someone who’s part of a group.  

Wonderful experiences seem to multiply when they are shared with friends. Just today a customer shared a picture from my group to Italy almost ten years. She was remembering the great gelato stand just outside the gates of San Gimignano.  It took us all back to that wonderful day, that wonderful place, and that wonderful taste.

Discounted pricing is another key factor in group travel.  When traveling with a group you are on the receiving end of discounted pricing and even if it’s just a few dollars at every attraction by the end of the trip that adds up to substantial savings.

My favorite part of group travel is probably having a private motor-coach.  It’s great being able to leave everything on the bus and jump off to see something not worried about who’s staying onboard and if they are stealing your cash.

Over the past 13 years we’ve planned trips for every kind of group you can imagine.  My first group trip was for a group of friends who play Bridge together.  They toured Ireland and I still have and use the gifts they brought back to me.

Wedding groups are frequently planned here; however honeymoon groups are big right now as well.  Young couples today tend to have been together for a few years before tying the knot, so they want a honeymoon that’s an “event” to be shared with friends and family. 

Holy Land tours have always been popular as have several other faith based itineraries.  The Footsteps of St. Paul, the Reformation, Catholic Italy, these themed group tours allow you to explore your faith with people from your church or community who share it.

Sr. Class trip groups are huge for us, and what a great way to celebrate this important achievement that with a family vacation shared with your graduating Sr’s best friends and their families.

Of course USA tours are wildly popular, especially those including our National Parks.  

Family reunion groups are also very popular.  I just sent a family of 17 to a great new resort in Cancun.  Planning an experience that has something for every age group is challenging and rewarding. 

Our most popular groups are the ones we personally escort.  We select a destination and the attractions and then take off with a group of friends/customers.  Those experiences are something we look forward to for years (I have a list for the next 7 years), and remember forever, they are such wonderful events.  

Look around you, talk to the members of the group you enjoy the most and let’s plan a group adventure together with them.  It will be a highlight of your life, I assure you!

Joy Gawf-Crutchfield owns and operates The Joy of Travel.