The Human Touch

We CRAVE you


Did you know Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) focus on one thing:  to never, ever receive a phone call from their customers.  They want their customers to do all of the work, find their own answers, manage their own problems, and let the OTA just sit back and rake in the commissions.

It’s a great business model, it’s making them billions of dollars annually.  

I wish I could follow that model, I really do.  Maybe I’m just too needy.  Maybe I’m just a control freak.  Maybe I take things too seriously. 

Or maybe, just maybe, I actually care.

Here at The Joy of Travel our #1 focus is on getting our customers to call us!  We literally crave a phone call from you.  We want to be in a relationship with you.  We want to keep up with your family, your aspirations, your bucket lists, your preferences, your anniversaries and birthdays.

We want to do the work for you.  We want to answer your questions, solve your problems, and actually earn our commissions.  

Over the course of 13 successful years in the travel industry we’ve learned a valuable lesson, we simply can’t provide the level of service we want to be famous for if you won’t call us.  

That’s also why we don’t tell you the names of the resorts we are posting about online.  Just because it’s a good price doesn’t mean it’s a good choice for you.  Call us-we don’t recommend anywhere we haven’t been so it will take no more than 5 minutes for us to tell you if the deal of the day is a great match for you.

If a person won’t invest 5 minutes getting rock solid advice from true travel professionals about their vacation, then they don’t care much about the outcome of that vacation.  I assure you, we do.

The professional agents at The Joy of Travel thank you for your calls, and for your referrals.