Mega Everything

Mega has it all

The word “mega” means excessive, huge, and gigantic.  When it comes to the new mega all-inclusive resorts across the Caribbean those words are a perfect fit as are many more.

Coming from a hometown with two traffic lights it’s hard for me to wrap my head around a resort that offers more than 3500 rooms. Having said that, can you imagine a better experience than a resort that has it all, and I do mean “all” within one gorgeous beachfront location?


Who loves great food?  At mega resorts of this size there are usually 12+ a la carte dining venues, as well as buffets, sports bars, coffee shops and cafés, beachfront grills and others.  You simply can’t go hungry.

Who loves great entertainment?  At mega resorts there isn’t one show a night, there are probably three with late night dancing and music thrown in for good measure.  There are also daytime events and entertainment making sure you and your family and guests are never bored unless you just want to be.

Who loves great pools?  Mega resorts offer multiple pools as well as waterpark areas for the kids.  Often there are even two waterparks, one for younger children and another for teens.  

Speaking of teens, mega resorts always have a teen’s club, which comes in really handy when you’ve reached your limit with teenage attitudes.

Are you looking for an adult only escape?  Mega resorts also offer adult only sections for those of us who travel with families but want an escape from family noise at some point during the trip.

What about mobility issues?  Mega resorts offer golf carts to whisk you from one area to another, as well as vans and motor coaches so your grandmother will be able to see everything you want to see and do in comfort and without exhausting her.

When it comes to room categories mega resorts have it all.  From small entry level jungle view rooms to massive oceanfront suites that are larger than most of our homes.

Mega means magical, it really does.  If you haven’t given a mega resort a try give us a call and let’s find out if there’s one out there that’s perfect for you and your loved ones and friends.