Next to Travel Cooking/Eating Is My Second Love

Dear Friends,


I LOVE to cook.  In fact, next to travel cooking/eating is my second love.  I say that to say this, if I send you a recipe and say I made this and it was wonderful I bet you trust that recipe, don't you? 

It's the same with travel.  As you know, I never recommend anywhere I haven't tried first.  So when I tell you this is a great resort/destination/company/itinerary/experience you can believe it because I've #beentheredonethat.  

The rules are the same for my agents.  A big part of their job requirement is travel.  They have to go and experience firsthand what they book for you.  They are not hired to just sit here behind a desk and crank out sales.  

The Joy of Travel, where personal expertise is our #1 job requirement.  

By the way, the attached recipe was delicious!  Try it, and try us.  If you like the recipe share it, and if you like us please tell your friends.  90% of our new customers come directly from your referrals.  We thank you.  

You know we give away a trip every January 1 don't you?  The names in the drawing are the names of customers who sent us new customers.  It's unlimited, so send us 20 new customers and your name is in the drawing 20 times.  This year the trip is to Dreams Riviera Cancun, yes I have personally stayed there and I loved it.

Thank you again for your continued support.  We appreciate you!