Destination Germany

Did you know Germany is one of the most USA friendly tourist destinations in the world?  More than that, it offers a wealth of opportunity for every type of traveler:  business, pleasure, nature lover, history lover, foodies, wine lovers, adventurers and more.


Baby boomers are one of the fastest growing German tourist markets.  They are active and adventurous travelers who want to fully experience a destination.  I should know, I am one. There are 42 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany, more than 43,000 miles of biking trails, and over 123,000 miles of hiking paths.  All of these are well maintained and located in both urban and rural areas across Germany.  There are over 350 spas and health resorts as well, so after a long day of adventure a traveler can relax and pamper themselves.

If you travel with your family you’ll be glad to know Germany is a marvelous destination for multi-generational travel.  There are countless theme parks, water parks, castles, museums, national parks, and more.  Germany truly offers something for every age group and activity level.

Speaking of multi-generational, Germany is very well adapted to travelers with special needs.  Airports, train stations, hotels and sightseeing locations are all well suited for travelers with mobility issues or special equipment.  Did you know our agents are training “special needs travel” experts?  Just an FYI.

With all of that natural beauty Germany is focused on sustainability.  Germans are aggressively protecting their country so it will remain beautiful, clean and safe for generations to come.  Hotels, buildings, furnishings, even cuisine is centered on a theme of sustainability.

Speaking of cuisine, 2018 was the year of “Culinary Germany”.  German dishes are at the top of my “favorites” list; delicious, hearty and some are true to recipes that are hundreds of years old.

Germany is the 10th largest wine producer in the world. There are 13 wine growing regions in Germany cover nearly a quarter of a million acres.  Germany’s wines are best enjoyed on a wine appreciation cruise on the Rhine or Danube.  German wines are typically light and fruity, delicious when paired with local cheeses.

Germany isn’t just for wine lovers; beer lovers will find a home away from home there, too.  Germans, especially Bavarians, are known for brewing some of the best beers in the world.  In fact the Germany Purity Law from 1516 is still in force and stipulates a very strict brewing process.  There are over 1300 breweries across Germany.

There are many different ways to experience Germany.  You could focus on the culinary aspects and crisscross your way across the country.  You could focus on castles and literally spend weeks investigating the thousands still open and safe to tour.  You could focus on adventures such as hiking or biking.  You could focus on recent history and see the WWI and WWII landmarks.  

Traube Tonbach Außenpool (2).jpg

I met with the Bavarian Tourism Board in June.  Did you know southwest Germany is a fascinating area with enough to see and do to focus your entire German vacation there?  They have a little of every activity and area of interest mentioned earlier in this article, and they have the cuckoo clocks, something every needs to see at least once.

I haven’t even talked about the Protestant Reformation and the places that are historically significant to Protestants.  

Germany has it all.  If you haven’t been there give us a call and let us help you find the perfect way to experience for you and your own special interests.

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