My First All-Inclusive Resort

I’m going to share with you my first experience of an all-inclusive resort. 

A group of friends and I were leaving from OKC, I was beyond excited, headed to Cabo in the middle of July. Now mind you I love the heat, especially the dry heat that Cabo has to offer! The new airport in Cabo wasn’t completed yet! I had a little culture shock as I stepped off the plane, on to the concrete of the tarmac. You want to talk about heat, there it was, as we made our way to customs there was no AC, hundreds of people trying to make it through, I said to myself “what did I get myself into?” Once we were through the airport, our group decided to get some refreshments for the van ride over to our resort. 

Now mind you I had studied this resort as much as I could before I left home. But with all that studying, pulling up to that resort, getting out of the van seeing and hearing the ocean, I knew this is where I belonged. The champagne on arrival, the cool towels with lavender and mint, the ease of check in, it was all perfect! 


The roar of the ocean, the beautiful landscape and the architecture of the resort are breath taking. Now by nature I’m a huge cactus fan, seeing all the different types of Agave, Yuccas, bougainvillea’s (they are the tropics sister of a Crepe Myrtle) and the palm trees. That afternoon we all settled into our rooms, rested (not this lady, I had exploring to do) and get ready for what the evening had in store for us!

We ate like Kings and Queens while we were at the resort. Note the starving yourself before you go on vacation to be able to gorge your self with alcohol and food while there. Steak, fresh seafood, the guacamole, salads, anything you could think of from all over the world and cake pops for breakfast! So, an inside joke about cake pops, now at any resort I stay at, I have a cake pop for breakfast, its just a tradition that I can’t break! It’s fun and that’s what a vacation is suppose to be all about. 

So back to the all-inclusive, your resort has food available at all times, even room service for after hours of the restaurants. Beverages at the bars, walk by the coffee shop and grab a cup to go, its literally that easy. A little tough to wrap your head around at first but doable. I always had cash on me to tip, everyone no matter how little the task, they give you good service they should be rewarded. Just my opinion, but when you’ve waited tables for nothing, a tip is nice! 

Some aren’t aware that most of the beaches in Cabo aren’t swimmable because of the undertow, but you can always go walk by the shore and just take in all of the beauty. That would be the only con of Cabo, in my opinion. If you are a pool person then you are in heaven.  The pools are heated during the winter season, that makes it more comfortable for all. One thought that comes to mind is watching the whales breach off the coast while enjoying the warm pool. Yes that actually happened and I witnessed it with my own eyes! 

 This resort in particular offers lots of activities if you aren’t one to lounge by the pool all day. There are lessons and classes in cooking and Spanish, massages lessons, dance and painting lessons, wine and tequila tasting, beach and pool volleyball, rifle shooting and archery tournaments, soccer, yoga and Pilates, water aerobics and water polo and also big screen movies on the beach. Theme nights: Casino, Beach Party, Karaoke, Mexican, International Show & Tropical Night.  The Cabo Art Walk – The resort’s Entertainment Team gives a tour of the art galleries and downtown San Jose del Cabo (November-June, every Thursday) this is a major hit with most guest! 

While with this trip I wasn’t able to get off the resort except for arriving and departing the airport, I have been back numerous times. I love the whale watching, the downtown areas of Los Cabos and the marina!  

- Joslyn White
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