The Best British Haunts

Amidst the season of the superstitious and supernatural, we are revealing the spookiest sites in Britain. From the dark corners of haunted castles to sites of legendary massacres, these are our picks for Britain’s best haunts. Read on, if you dare…


Glen Coe, Scotland

Behind the stunning setting of this Scottish Highlands valley lies a dark tale. According to the story, in 1692, 38 men, women and children from Clan Macdonald were murdered by troops from rival Clan Campbell. Visitors claim to witness reenactments of the deadly massacre and to hear blood-curdling screams echoing through the moor.


Cardiff Castle, Wales

Built in the late 11th century, the castle has seen its share of death and disaster. Its hallways are said to be inhabited by a number of ghosts, including various members of the once-owners the Bute family. A phantom coach has also been spotted on the grounds.


Edinburgh, Scotland

From the city’s underground vaults, once famed for illicit activity and odious crime, to the spirits of prisoners once held captive in the castle, Edinburgh has long been known for its dark past and paranormal encounters. It has even been called the most haunted city in Europe!


Culloden Battlefield, Inverness, Scotland

The bloody battle that took place here in 1746 claimed the lives of hundreds of Jacobite soldiers. It is said that their cries can still be heard today by visitors, especially as the anniversary of the battle approaches. If you’re looking for a potential encounter with the paranormal, visit of April 16th.


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