The Math of High and Low Season

I hate math.  Anyone who knows me knows that.  But if there’s any area of math that I love, it’s the math that saves money on travel.

Do you understand the significant savings you’ll capitalize on when you travel during low season?

Here’s an example.  A tour of Spain and Portugal, 8 days, fully escorted in high season is priced from $2099 per person.  That exact same tour during low season is priced from $949 per person.  That’s math I can get excited about, what about you?


I am sitting here looking at a 7 day tour of Italy, two nights in Venice, two in Florence, and two in Rome.  High season it’s priced from $2249 per person.  During low season this exact same tour is only $1099 per person.

It’s the same great math on any low reason trip to Europe across the board.  Low season travel saves hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

It’s also true in the Caribbean and Mexico.  We are currently offering great trips to some of the best resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean, one of my favorite brands, at substantial savings.  Dec 2-6 four day packages complete with round trip flights, round trip transfers, your ocean view rooms, all of your food, drinks, taxes and tips, even travel insurance, for around $900 per person.  These same packages in January are over $1200 per person.  That’s a $600 savings per couple.

It’s really very simple. Travel is a supply and demand business.  When demand is high, so are prices.  When demand is low, so are prices.

If you are considering European travel and have to travel April-October the only way to save is to book early.  By booking early and capitalizing on any early booking discounts at least you will see a bit of savings, usually about 10%.  You’ll also have more time to pay off the trip.

For those of you who can travel November-March, that’s the best time to really take advantage of outstanding pricing in Europe.  Yes, the weather can be less than ideal, but it can also be terrific.  We spent two weeks in Europe last December on a Rhine River Christmas cruise.  I never was cold, even with only a light coat.  

For tropical vacations remember winter here is high season there.  Everyone in North America wants to get away from the winter cold and bake on a beach.  January-March is the most expensive time to travel to a tropical destination.  April-August is the next highest, with fall travel being the very least expensive.

Holidays are always the highest price point.  Christmas is the highest time of year to travel, followed by Spring Break and Thanksgiving.  With so many people trying to fly home during those holidays it drives air pricing through the roof.  If you are considering a Thanksgiving, Christmas or Spring Break trip buy now! 

Another great way to save is to book with large agencies that offer additional discounts, like your friends at The Joy of Travel. 

Our preferred brands and suppliers give us special savings and promotions simply because of the volume of travel we book through them.  We nearly always have additional discounts on river cruises, escorted tours, and yes, Caribbean and Mexico vacations as well.

By additional discounts I mean that in addition to the savings you find when dealing directly with the brand, such as free air, two for one cruise fare, lower deposits, added incentives, we have exclusive discounts/savings on top of those.  You won’t give up the offers you find online dealing directly with the brands by booking them through us.  

The Joy of Travel is an agency dedicated to helping you see the world, in the most cost effective, value focused way possible.

Joy Gawf-Crutchfield