Travel Tips - Saving 9 Hours of Time


Buying travel is a unique purchase.  It is both a product and a service.  At The Joy of Travel our agents excel at matching you with the best product (destination, airline, resort, cruise etc.).  We excel in this crucial step of the process because we don’t recommend anything we haven’t tried first.

The most important part of the service we provide is expertise.  We spend substantial amounts of time every year not only investigating new resorts/destinations but also evaluating old favorites to be sure they still meet our standards.  We then utilize our expertise to pair you with the best products, giving you the most ideal experience for your vacation.

Product, Service.  We know and provide both, in a truly unique and outstanding way.

The Joy of Travel agents look very critically at each component in your trip package.  For you to have a wonderful vacation experience, every piece of the puzzle needs to fit.  Every piece of the puzzle needs to be worth the money you invested in it.

We know you can book your own trips online.  There are literally dozens if not hundreds of online travel engines.  On air, on land, on the sea and rivers, brands, offers, discounts, incentives.   How many hours do you have to invest in order to determine the one that’s truly best for you? 

The average online booking took 9 hours of online investigation before it was booked.  9 hours!  Do you have 9 hours to spend online?  9 hours taken from your family time, your career time, your relaxation time?  All we ask is for 15 minutes of your time.  15 minutes to have a one on one conversation with us, so we can ask the important questions.  After 15 minutes I assure you we will know the right packages for you due to our vast depth of experience.  We will offer you the best choices and you’ll be able to make an educated decision and get on with your life.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Not only do we save you hours of time, we also save you money.  We are privy to the very best offers in the travel industry, often offers available exclusively to our agency.  We also only do business with reputable companies, so your vacation investment is safe and secure.

Are you a licensed driver?  If yes, have you ever tried to start your vehicle and found you had a dead battery?  What about a flat tire?  If you are going to drive, you are occasionally going to experience complications.  It’s exactly the same with travel.  99% of the time everything goes along as smooth as silk.  But when it doesn’t, we’ll be there to help.  We are your advocate, intervening with suppliers on your behalf.

Why are we better than Trip Advisor?  Let me count the ways.  First and foremost we are truly experts.  When you read reviews online you have to consider the source.  We review resorts from every angle, relying on our vast experience to make a fair and just assessment of the resort in question.  Consumers who post reviews online come to a conclusion based on their private expectations and limited travel experience (compared to ours), making their views both unprofessional and unreliable.

Do you realize not all of the Trip Advisor reviews are from consumers?   Did you know there are companies out there who pay people to not only write  good reviews about their products, but also to write a bad review about their competition? 

I have an excellent accountant.  He asks me lots of focused, detailed questions.  Then he listens carefully to the answers and provides expert advice.  I have an excellent attorney who does the same thing.  Guess what?  My physician is also great at her job, asking lots of questions and providing educated and experienced advice.

That’s exactly what we do-we ask lots of specific, pertinent questions during our 15 minute interview with you.  We listen carefully to your answers, understand your hesitations and budgets and will guide you in making the best choices, important choices, for your vacation.  There are no “do overs” for a bad vacation, and no matter how cheap it was a bad vacation is not a good value.

Boy, are we ever smart!  We know about passports, visa requirements, we have inside information on everything from the best restaurants in a destination to the best excursions.  Best of all we know which companies to do business with and which to avoid.  We know the “behind the scenes” actions that can make or break your vacation experience and we don’t hesitate to say “don’t go there”.

We love being your personal shopper for travel.  After 13 years in the industry we’ve come to know our repeat customers very well.  When we see a sale or an event they’d enjoy we’re fast with an email or phone call to let them know about the opportunity.  We keep detailed records on our customers, we document your likes and dislikes, your preferences and bucket lists.  You are not a “sale” to us; you are a relationship, a valued customer /friend.  We don’t want to make a sale; we want to create relationships where we are able to serve our customers in a first class, incredibly wonderful way.

After 13 years in the travel industry we are able to offer opportunities that no one else can offer.  We provide personally escorted tours and trips multiple times a year, to a wide variety of destinations and including a wide variety of experiences.  We are one of the very few professional agencies who prefer to travel with our customers, sharing life’s grand adventures right along with you.

In this wide, amazing, wonderful world you just don’t know what you don’t know.  Ask your agent at The Joy of Travel, who does know.


Your Globetrotting Friend,