Tina Mayfield

Travel Agent

Tina Mayfield, Travel Agent, The Joy of Travel

The travel bug hit me in 2012 when my daughter and I went on our first international trip to London and France.  Since then we have traveled to twenty-three different countries, Hawaii and Alaska, on tours, ocean cruises, river cruises, and with groups of high school students. Our bucket list is never-ending!

I found Joy online when she posted a Viking River Cruise. I had always wanted to go on one, but they were usually out of my price range, and this one wasn’t. The one she posted was perfect, she worked her magic, and the next thing I know, I was booked on the Danube Waltz, which I went on this summer.  It was everything I hoped it would be! While I was anxiously waiting to go on this cruise, I mentioned to Joy that I would like to become a travel agent someday, not thinking it would ever work out, but after having many hour-long conversations, we both decided this is something I would be good at since I love to travel.  

As of fall 2018, I have been on fourteen cruises with six different cruise lines, including both river and ocean cruises, with number fifteen coming up at Christmas this year.  

I’m always searching for the next cruise deal, so if you’re interested in a cruise, river or ocean, I would be more than happy to find you a good one too!


Call me at 918-527-6627