Travel Resources

Passport Info:

Anyone traveling outside of the United States via air travel must have a valid US passport book, regardless of age. Make sure your passport expiration date meets the requirements for any country to which you are traveling. Also, it is the professional opinion of The Joy of Travel that cruise clients should never cruise without a passport book, no matter what the cruise-line tells you is adequate identification.Providing our clients with valuable information is key. Below are some travel resources that we feel are important for our clients to know:


Insurance Info: 

Never go anywhere without it.  It's as simple as that.  Click on our insurance link below to investigate very affordable coverages that will meet the needs you have for your upcoming trip, or call Joy at the agency for assistance.

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Currency Info:

 It's always smart to order the currency you will need for "pocket change" prior to your departure.  After you arrive, you will usually be able to access local currency from an ATM.  Don't forget to let your bank know you will be using your debit card while out of the country.  Also alert your credit card company about any travel plans.  Many countries in our backyard accept American currency, but will give you change in their local currency.  Take small bills for shopping, tipping, any expense that you can't use a credit or debit card to cover. 


Cell Phones: 

Contact your carrier to determine the international plan they offer that best suits your needs.  Watch out for hidden data access fees.  Know how to turn the data off on your smart phone.


Debit Cards: 

We recommend opening a travel account complete with a debit card.  Fund that account with only enough money to use on your trip.  This way if you debit card is stolen, the thief can't wipe out your entire checking or savings account.


Travel Documents:  

We email a set of your travel documents to you.  Please forward that email to your emergency contact people so they'll know where you are and how to reach you.  This will also benefit you if you lose your documents.  All you'll have to do is access your personal email account and there they are, readily accessible.


When you book your trip with The Joy of Travel, you will receive packing guidelines, security measures, pre-trip advice and more when we deliver your travel documents.  Ask us anything, we have the answers.