Independent Travel with a Local Host

I know many of you don’t want to travel with a group.  You don’t want a structured schedule every day.  You don’t want to pay for included sight-seeing you never wanted to see in the first place.  You don’t want pre-arranged dates and limited time in each destination.

Welcome to the world of travel with a local host.  This customizable type of trip is complete with everything you want, and nothing you don’t want.  Best of all it includes a local host.  They are your best friend in the destination.  They can recommend restaurants, best ways to get around town, off the beaten path experiences.  They are, in all honesty, amazing.

See African Lions through Independent Travel with a local host

Here’s how it works.  You and your agent here at The Joy of Travel pre-arrange everything about your trip that you want to pre-arrange and absolutely nothing more.  When you arrive in destination your local host meets you at the airport and takes you to your hotel.  They will be in the lobby of the hotel or available via cell phone around the clock every day during your stay in that destination. You begin enjoying everything you pre-arranged as well as anything that spontaneously occurs.  It’s travel at its’ very best.

If you have chosen to add more than one destination to this trip your local host will take you to the train station, airport, ferry, whatever your next mode of transportation includes and get you safely on your way to your next destination.  As you expect, another great local host in the next destination will be waiting for your arrival and it all begins again.

Many of our customers, especially younger customers or customers new to travel particularly enjoy this way of travel.  It’s independent yet you have assistance with the stickier parts, like arrivals and departures, which can be frustrating and overwhelming.  You have expert in destination advice.  Local hosts are fantastic at suggesting lesser known experiences that are often what our customers report to be their favorite parts of the trip.

Centrally located hotels are key to the success of this program.  In fact, this type of travel offers three different budget levels of hotels in most major destinations, so you have quite a bit of variety.

When you elect to include more than one destination on the trip your between destination travel will include premium seating on train travel, a must have in Europe.

Guided sight-seeing and VIP (skip the line) access is also included to many of the “must see” sights.  You won’t waste valuable time waiting in line.

The diversity of this type of travel is amazing as well.  You can elect to stay in one city, one country, or one continent.  You can just do a week in London, or you can opt for London and Edinburgh, London and Paris, or even London Paris and Nice.  You can even stay in London primarily but add Stonehenge, Bath, York and Edinburgh.  That sounds like an escorted tour doesn’t it?  But it isn’t. You’ll enjoy independent travel to all of those great destinations without the structure of a tour.  It’s terrific.

Britain, France, Ireland, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, all of these are available for this type of travel.

This type of travel is also wildly popular in South and Central America.  I just sent a family across Peru on one of these trips, they raved about it!  One of my friends recently returned from one of these trips to Africa and said it could not have been better.  Another customer used this type of travel in Vietnam and said there was “no other way to go”.  Australia and New Zealand are also available and receiving excellent customer reports.

Independent travel with a local host is a better way to arrive, a better way to get oriented, a better way to save time (and money), a better way to go almost anywhere in the world.  Your friends at The Joy of Travel stand ready to assist you plan the best trip of your lifetime, isn’t it time you gave us a call?