What is Cosmos Lite?

Last week, our #1 preferred partner, the Globus Family of Brands, introduced an entirely new category of touring … Cosmos Lite.  


Cosmos Lite presents the world’s first á la carte tour style.  I think it’s going to be the perfect fit for a huge percentage of our customers.  Cosmos Lite combines the essential features included in all Cosmos fully escorted tours with a personalized approach to daily itineraries.

Cosmos Lite offers hassle-free travel with the freedom to tailor an itinerary to interests, budgets and pace.  

Cosmos Lite is unveiling 10 truly unique itineraries that combine major cities with undiscovered, lesser-known destinations across Europe.

Cosmos Lite vacation packages include:

• City-to-city transportation (deluxe motor-coaches with complimentary Wi-Fi so you can share your adventure with your friends back home)

• Comfortable hotels (a base for independent exploration)

• Daily breakfasts (to power your travel pursuits)

• Professional Tour Director (to point out the best sightseeing, dining and entertainment)

• MyCosmos optional excursions (available for purchase)

• CosmosGo mobile app (full of suggestions to make the most of each day)

“With the introduction of Cosmos Lite, we’re giving travelers an independent touring option: A new way to see, explore and experience the world around them,” said Scott Nisbet, president and CEO of the Globus family of brands. “We get them to each destination and coordinate comfortable accommodations but their days – and the activities they plan – are up to them.”

With a range of MyCosmos excursions – such as a cooking class in Lisbon, a guided tour of Genoa or a bike tour of the Iron Curtain from Bratislava – Cosmos Lite travelers have the option to purchase only the tours and activities that they find interesting.  And, if they need guidance on what to see or do, an expert Tour Director will accompany guests as they travel between cities to offer suggestions for sightseeing, dining and entertainment.

For travelers who want to wonder and wander at their own pace, the NEW CosmosGo app, filled with a host of entertainment, sightseeing, dining and shopping suggestions, is at their fingertips. 

Another change from the typical tour? Most Cosmos Lite excursions start later in the morning.  I’m an early bird, but I know many of you are not, so this will be a nice change for you, won’t it?  

In 2019, Cosmos Lite is introducing 10 NEW Vacation Packages in Europe:

• NEW! Spanish City Explorer (9 days, priced from $899)

• NEW! Spanish Heritage Explorer (8 days, priced from $699)

• NEW! Portugal Explorer (7 days, priced from $749)

• NEW! Italian Explorer (8 days, priced from $899)

• NEW! Northern Italy Explorer (8 days priced from $899)

• NEW! Veneto Explorer (7 days, priced from $899)

• NEW! Danube Explorer (8 days, priced from $899)

• NEW! England Explorer (7 days, priced from $899)

• NEW! Ireland Explorer (7 days, priced from $849)

• NEW! Scotland Explorer (7 days, priced from $899)

All of the agents at The Joy of Travel are experts with the Globus Family of Brands, in fact we are their top agency in Oklahoma and among the top 50 within the United States.  If you want practical, dependable advice about any Globus/Cosmos/Monograms/Avalon vacation package you won’t find a better travel advisor than a Globus Expert at The Joy of Travel.

I hope you will give one of these Cosmos Lite experiences a try, I think they are amazing.

Your globetrotting friend,