The Joy of Traveling

The Joy of Traveling, Joy Gawf-Crutchfield

Do you realize travel is the one thing we invest in that can’t be taken away from us?  Buy a house, a car, a hair transplant, whatever.  Any of those can suffer a disaster and be gone in an instant.  Once you’ve taken a vacation it’s yours forever.  The memories and experiences can’t be taken from you.

I began my travel adventures back in 2004 on a trip to Puerto Vallarta.  I still remember sitting on that golden sand beach in front of the Sheraton Bougainvillea sipping an adult beverage from a fresh pineapple with an umbrella on top.

I still remember the chateaubriand and bananas flambé (the first time I had enjoyed either). I still remember that horseback ride into the Sierra Madre Mountains and the calf sitting on the second story balcony of a family home.  A calf.

Ever since that first trip to Puerto Vallarta I’ve been an avid traveler and am proud to say I truly find JOY in traveling.  Whether I’m on a road trip through South Dakota, a cruise to Alaska, a helicopter tour of Maui or on a train bound for Amsterdam, I’m having a grand time.

I know travel has changed me.  Something about seeing the world and meeting the people across it does that.  Everywhere I go I take something from that place back to Oklahoma with me.  The gracious manners of the French, the hospitality of the Mexicans, the passion of the Italians, it’s all there now.  My appreciation for the little things has grown exponentially.  

Here at The Joy of Travel our mission is to inform and inspire our customers to participate in “experiential” travel, travel that is fun and culturally broadening.  We are convinced travel is one of the best ways we can all enhance our understanding of the world in which we live. 

Yes, you can always read a book about a country, or watch a travel show or movie.  But seeing it in person, smelling it, tasting it-there’s no substitute.  Hearing the history of a place from the people who lived it, it’s mesmerizing and life altering.  

I know you’ve noticed it-here at the agency our own travel styles reflect our dedication to experiential travel, and we encourage you to join us in our adventures. We are never having more fun than when we are experiencing the world with our customers/friends.

We are also committed to providing travel advice based on our own experiences.  As you know, we never recommend anywhere we haven’t tried first.  We go go go-just so we can say “been there, done that” and recommend it to you.

The Joy of Traveling.  It’s an amazing joy, a privilege, and a pleasure.  I encourage you to invest in it, it’s money well spent.

Joy Gawf-Crutchfield owns and operates The Joy of Travel.  Contact Joy at (918) 339-4805