What’s on Our Travel Bucket List?

As experienced agents and world travelers, we are often asked which destinations top our own travel bucket lists!

Do you know the benefits of having a Bucket List?  Do you know you are the starting point of how your future will look, so, why not encompass a Travel List that gives you direction and purpose!  Here are just a few reasons why you should  incorporate a travel bucket list in your future: 

1). It can actually be your framework and guide to the path you take in life!   

2). Memories; isn’t life all about making memories!

3). Goals in Travel are at no rush; it is your list of “What you want to do, but with no time frame”

4). Gets you excited and passionate about your next Vacation destination.

5). Motivates you to know what you really want in life!  I know I love crossing the destination off of my list!

Now back to our bucket list, here is a sneak peek where our team is traveling to in 2019, 2020 and 2021!   Yes, we are Group experts, and have been arranging and hosting groups for years!   You can find the full itinerary of each Group trip on https://www.thejoyoftravel.net/travel-with-us