One of the Best Family Vacations - Punta Cana

I recently decided to take my family on vacation to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. I had several people worried about my decision when I announced our vacation plans. I wasn’t going to let Media Hype sway my decision. Honestly, it was one of the BEST family vacations we have been on!!

When you are considering a destination for vacation, it is best to contact one of the Agents at The Joy of Travel. We can give you up to date information regarding that destination. We work closely with Brands and strive to deliver the best vacations for our Clients.

We embarked on our 4-night journey to Hard Rock Punta Cana. This Resort has recently been in the news due to unfortunate circumstances. With that said, I would absolutely send Clients to this beautiful, family-friendly property. Actually, there are some wonderful offers to Punta Cana at the moment. Never did my family feel sick, or endangered at any moment. 

This property has one of the longest, widest stretches of beach I have seen in some time. If you enjoy long walks on the beach, then I highly suggest this Resort for you. This property is excellent for the Client that wants a lot of action and the opportunity to stay active throughout the day, or the traveler that craves laying in a hammock poolside listening to quiet music. 

Enjoy Casinos?  There is one onsite. The gym was expansive with an attentive Gym Staff. Forgot workout attire?  No problem. They have a store to purchase workout clothing and shoes. 

The restaurants offered a variety of foods, so you will never go hungry. The cutest ice cream shop was the perfect stop after being at the beach or swimming pool all day, offering fresh made Crepes, Ice Cream, Popsicles, and Ice Cream Sandwiches. Keep in mind when traveling to an All Inclusive if you order something you don’t care for…just order something else!! When traveling with kids, I highly suggest taking advantage of the Kids Club. This included feature is awesome! Grab an Adult Only Dinner or enjoy a Spa Date while you child makes memories in the Kids Club. 

All Inclusive Vacations are perfect for families, couples, multi-generational trips, and wonderful for incentive travel.

To ensure you are getting the vacation of your dreams, please contact one of the Agents of the Joy of Travel. I definitely enjoy visiting with my Clients prior to quoting them a vacation. I ask various questions…so I can pick the property that fits their “wants” for their vacation. Please don’t let Media Hype or fear cause you from experiencing the world!

- Meredith Carrell